What is Art Clay Silver?  



Art Clay Silver is a magical substance which consists of finely ground, pure reclaimed silver particals mixed with non toxic binders and water to forms a clay like substance that can be rolled, flattened, pressed into moulds, pushed through a syringe to give a filigree effect, or carved by hand -  in fact you can achieve anything that you can with ordinary clays Once you have perfected a shape you dry the clay with a conventional hairdryer or leave to air dry overnight, this processs evaporates all of the water. After sanding your piece to a nice smooth finish you are ready to fire, which can be done using a kiln, blow torch or even a gas hob. This removes the binders and you are left with 99.9% Pure Silver. After polishing you will have your very own designer piece of jewellery, which is suitable for hallmarking.